Welcome to our parent's corner

why learning Programming?

Understanding technology and the way it works is as fundamental as reading , writing, and counting in our digital world. Unfortunately most schools curricula do not put emphasis on computer science and programming.

At Codeacademy123, we will help your child acquire these skills through two easy to learn languages: SCRATCH and PYTHON.

Programming will help your child:
to learn technology and have a favorable impact on their future;
to foster creativity, reasoning, and problem solving skills;
to master additional math and science concepts;
to increase the child's English vocabulary and communication skills;
and above all, to have fun from learning coding with games and robotics and sharing their own games with friends.

Scheduling a class

Classes will be held in Shanghai, China, at the child's residence or at my own residence (Xuhui District).

To schedule a course, please contact us as follows:
email: info@codeacademy123.com or
wechat: codeacademy123

For each language, we propose a 16 hours learning package.

We encourage pair programming, for collaborative learning and sharing.


The 16 hours learning package must be purchased before the training class occurs.
Once the training starts, no refund will be accepted except for exceptional circumstances.
Invoice (fapiao) can be given as required.