We are living in a digital world!

Computational devices are pervasive in our life, yet very few school curricula teach computer science and programming to children, even though they are quite well fitted to take on this challenge.

At codeacademy123, we would like to enable children to impact their digital world, by understanding computer science and developing programs they can share with their friends. Therefore, we have developed training courses to teach computational thinking at an early age (age range from 4 up to 14 years old).

The programming languages they will learn are Scratch or Python. They both are regarded as good starter to learn programming and they have great online communities. For younger kids, age 4 to 6 years old, we will teach them computational thinking using tools such as drawings, cut and paste, a board game and a robot.

With Scratch, children can program their own interactive story, games and animations and share them with their friends. The LEGO like building block concept help them understand the underlying programming features.

Python is regarded as one of the most versatile and readable programming language, thus providing an easy learning curve for students. It is used for web programming, video game building, microship testing, desktop apps, and much more. Many companies are using Python, among them, Google, Yahoo, NASA, CERN, Dropbox, ..., as well as datamining providers.

At Codeacademy123, students learn Python using Minecraft a nice sandbox environment to play with concepts, Minecraft APIs (Application Programming Interface), and to sharpen coding skills.

Our goal is to give a good breath on programming foundation, and to foster creativiy, reasoning and problem solving skills.

Classes are instructed in English, with Chinese and French variant as needed.

Programming is fun!

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